Welcome to Ballroom Dancing Basics! This is the official site for the Ballroom Dancing Basics iPhone App. Below you will see the official description of the App as well as some screenshots. You can purchase this App at the iTunes store for your iPhone or iTouch (iPod) by searching for "Ballroom Dancing Basics" and looking for our official logo (as shown below).

The Ballroom Dancing Basics App is $0.99.  iphone icon (official Ballroom Dancing Basics Logo)

     If you need technical support after you've purchased the Ballroom Dancing Basics App, you can email kevin@ballroombasics.net

     ***We are currently selling the naming rights to this App. If you'd like this App as a promotional item for yourself or your studio (example: Fred Astaire Ballroom Basics, Arthur Murray Ballroom Dancing Basics, etc.) please email Kevin your request. This would include the name of your studio and your logo as the home screen. We can also modify this app for you in any way that you'd like or we can create you a brand new one. Think about it for a second, how cool it would be for someone to download a free (yes, we would make it free to get people in your doors) ballroom dancing app and have it contain an ad for your studio within it? Don't you think people would want to come to your studio to learn more from the place that brought them this free app? Plus, you'd be the only studio out there with such a promotional item!***

Official Description:
The Ballroom Dancing Basics App is the best choic\e for those looking to learn the basic steps of the 10 major Ballroom Dances. Whether you're looking to start or looking to brush up, this app will help you get to your goal.

Each dance includes full color pictures with directional arrows for easy learning. Also, there are detailed descriptions of each step for further clarification. This app also contains additional information about each individual dance.

We've included 2 versions of certian dances to accomodate varieties from different studios.

The following Ballroom Dances are included in this App...
-Rumba 1
-Rumba 2
-Push Pull Swing 1
-Push Pull Swing 2
-Cha Cha
-East Coast Swing 1
-East Coast Swing 2


screenshot 1    screenshot2

ballroom dancing screenshot 3